Our Story

Our firm was established a little over a decade ago, but our story truly begins in 1991 when ICM’s founder, Bruce Timm, assumed the management of a series of North American real estate investment platforms on behalf of Germany’s oldest private bank. For over a decade, Bruce oversaw a team responsible for the asset management, property management and investment structure for those platforms. Due to their positive client experience and strong, steady returns, the clients in the original platforms chose to have ICM continue to manage their real estate portfolios when the group was founded in 2003.

Today, we have more than $550 million of assets under management and offices in Calgary, Munich, Atlanta, Minneapolis and San Francisco. Our team has grown substantially and is made up of real estate, investment and operating professionals with extensive experience; collectively having acquired and/or managed over $7 billion of North American real estate.

We are excited for the future and have recently launched numerous initiatives aimed at growing our asset base and offering new clients the opportunity to invest alongside a leading North American real estate investment firm.

Our success hinges on our unwavering commitment to three principles that underpin our investment philosophy: Value, Discipline, and Results. In place since the early 90’s, adherence to these principles has allowed ICM to generate exceptional investment returns for our clients and a strong track record of achieving our goals.